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Inside Sales Services

Lead Generation Campaigns

Emails, telesales, list-building, ads

Online Demonstrations

Provide personalized online demos to showcase your product

Pipeline Management

Full sales cycle: from lead generation to closure

Strategic Sales Follow Up

Existing opportunities: phone calls, emails, LinkedIn

Customer Relations Management

Log all notes and activities in client’s CRM

Daily Management of Territory

Responding to all incoming calls, emails, and other forms of communication

Weekly Reporting

Provide weekly reports on the sales pipeline

CRM Knowledge/Flexibility

Proficient in multiple CRMs: including Salesforce and HubSpot

Choose your plan

Pricing is based on the number of resources dedicated to our partnership.

Something to consider:
The Actual Cost of Human Resources

On average, a full time employee costs 18-26% more than their salary. With PIP you can accurately pinpoint the yearly costs associated with your staff.

With PIP- there are no sunken costs, such as healthcare, social security taxes, 401k, etc.

You would no longer need to worry about finding quality talent and training them.

No strings attached- our agreements come with a standard 30 day opt out clause.